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In response of NTUST goals to achieve "international applications development and research university", the 2010 officially changed its title to "digitallearning and education institute" with the subjects of "diversity and excellence", "technology integration", "knowledge innovation "and "all-pervasive education" as the development spindle, with e-learning and e-training as two major development-oriented disciplines. The development objectives include:


• Cultivate digital learning and education related research talent, promoting the research and development of digital learning and education.

• Enhance information literacy education of workers and teachers, as well as the ability to integrate information into teaching.

• Foster digital learning to related industries professionals in order to enhance the quality and production value of e-learning industry.


Development Goals

Our institute, which established the Part-time Graduate Program in the 2012, is based on the socioeconomic development needs and is compatible with the development goals of NTUST. The PhD program will be added the following year, which successfully achieves our short-term goals. Other long-term goals are as follows:

(A) Curriculum and instruction

1. To promote the interdisciplinary study of education and technology.

2. To strengthen students' foreign language skills.

3. To develop industrial collaborations with internship programs.

(B) Research development

1. To promote group research collaborations.

2. To enhance impacts of research outcomes.

3. To encourage cutting-edge e-learning research.

(C) Internationalization

1. To continue international interactions with deep corporations.

2. To improve the contributions in international research societies.

3. To recruit intelligent international students.