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Brief History

Prior to becoming the graduate institute, our institute was formerly known as the Technological and Vocational Professional Development Program. In the 2000, because of the lack of Technological and Vocational education research specialists, the program was approved to establish the Graduate School of Technical and Vocational Education. The newly established school specialized in preparing Technological and Vocational education research personnel interested in Technological and Vocational education development, teaching, policy development, organization planning, and human resource training development as their future career development. Our institute at this stage successfully integrated internal and external related research workforce and resources, gradually developing a unique teaching and research essence.

In the next decade, because of the advent of the digital age, information technology in education research and practice both produced an impact on the information era. Our institute then became a vanguard and met the development goals of NTUST as an “International applications research university” by successively recruiting outstanding faculty, bringing together both faculty research specialists and research and teaching, and then focusing increasingly on digital learning and education. Therefore, in the 2010, our institute was officially named “Graduate Institute of Digital Learning and Education”, with the objective of nurturing Digital Learning and Education-related researchers and the future industrial development workforce. Thanks to the prolific digital learning industry, in the 2012 we have officially been approved to recruit master’s program and On-the-Job Graduate Program students, and in the 2013, we will also start recruiting PhD students, further enhancing the effectiveness of university-industry cooperation and academic development.